Mar 31, 2007

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Orked is ten. Mukhsin is twelve. They met during one school holiday and quickly become the best of friends. With "Mukhsin", I try to examine one common human and uncomfortable human experience: What happens when your best friend- someone with whom you've been learning to do cool thing like climbing trees, flying kites and riding bicycles- starts to develop romantic notions about you? I feel its an interesting human condition to look at, because I myself have never understood how sometimes, something as beautiful as love can threathen something else that is just as beautiful - Friendship.

Main Casts: Sharifah Aryana as Orked & M.Shafie as Mukhsin
Other Casts: Sharifah Aleya, Adibah Noor, Irwan Iskandar, Mislina Mustaffa

Mukhsin, the talked about movie in Malaysia and award-winning in Berlin Film Festival that has collected over RM2million, will be screened in Singapore on 29th March 2007.

Mukhsin, directed by Yasmin Ahmad, is much awaited by Singaporeans who appreciated Yasmin's creative work such as Sepet and Gubra. Mukhsin will definitely be a blast in Singapore. For those who have yet caught this much anticipated movie, come together and catch Mukhsin in theatres located at Cathay Causeway Point, Eng Wah Sun Plaza and GV VivoCity during this limited screening.

Having a great line up of casts and strong storyboard, enhanced with great music score, Mukhsin will definitely gives the audience maximum satisfaction. Mukhsin is definitely the MOVIE for this year.

So dont be left out!

Mukhsin Achievement

57th Berlin International Film Festival - Best Featured Film

The five-member International Jury of the Generation of the 57th Berlin International Film Festival Berlin awards the Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, endowed with 7,500 euros, to MUKHSIN.

Remark On Mukhsin

"A wonderful, almost magical atmosphere, enhanced by a striking sountrack. Peotic images of the closeness of a family and community. A witty script combined with well-rounded and humorous characters. All this in a story of a friendship that darent cross into love, and a love which friendship is no longer enough"

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